Swimming Pool Gathering Areas

Backyard swimming pools are great for water sports, swimming laps, or lounging on a float – but there’s also so much more you can do with them. When you’re working with a custom pool builder, you have the freedom to turn your pool and the surrounding area into a unique social space. 

Adding gathering spots in and around your pool will give your backyard a resort-like look and feel and allow you to take your outdoor entertaining to a whole new level. Need some inspiration? Check out these four hot pool trends. 

1. Swim-Up Bar

Adding a swim-up bar to your pool allows you and your guests to enjoy drinks, a snack, and each other’s company without ever having to get out of the water. These natural gathering spots create a distinct space in the pool where some guests can socialize while others continue playing, splashing, or floating. 

There are many different styles and shapes of swim-up bars, making it easy to incorporate this feature into just about any pool design. Some homeowners choose a bar made of the same material as the pool while others prefer a complementary style. You can also add a canopy or pergola above the bar to provide some extra shade.

2. Conversation Pits

A conversation pit is a sunken area that’s designed to offer a bit of seclusion while also fitting into the overall design. You can incorporate one on dry land near your pool or create an in-pool conversation pit with a built-in table and chairs. 

These spaces are often placed off to the side, so as not to interfere with other pool activities. However, some designs add a conversation pit to the center of the pool. 

3. Sun Shelves

Many pools have tanning ledges or sun shelves built in. These flat, shallow areas at the entrance of the pool are a perfect place to add water-safe lounge chairs, creating a comfortable area to relax and socialize. 

Depending on how much space you have available, you may also add smaller side tables and/or umbrellas to provide shade. If you want to make the area super convenient, consider adding an in-water cooler so you’ll always have cool drinks nearby.

4. Outdoor Kitchen

In most homes, the kitchen is where guests are likely to gather – so why not bring that social space outdoors? Whether you choose to dress up your grilling area or create an entire kitchen with all the latest features, an outdoor cooking space will quickly become one of your most popular gathering spots. You also won’t have to miss out on the fun because you’re constantly running back and forth to the indoor kitchen. 


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