Pool Efficiency

It’s not the price of the pool!
It’s the continuing cost of owning the pool!

Swim leads the industry in pool construction efficiency!

What is swimming pool efficiency?

The continuing cost of owning the pool is as important as the initial price of the pool.

Swimming pools use pumps to keep the water circulating properly. When you have an energy efficient pump, about 30 to 45% less energy is used, cutting costs. Having a pool can be a great thing, but have you factored in the cost of owning that pool? Beyond chlorine and cleaning, the life of the equipment used is very important.

Consider this, using energy efficient appliances help save money over time. By the same token, pools use pumps and other resources that have high electricity use. By focusing on circulation systems that are energy efficient, costs can be lowered while the water is evenly distributed, circulated and heated.

What does this energy efficiency mean?

Cleaner water, lower maintenance and an extended life for the equipment being used. Based on the type of pump used, the cost savings can equate to thousands of dollars. During summer months when it is very hot outside, the pool may be used more than usual, which equates to the pump being used more than usual. A smaller, high efficiency pump is a great solution.

The right pump, installation and operation of the selected pump, the filter, heating system of choice and cover are some considerations when factoring in the cost. Pool builders usually recommend certain types of pool pumps to conserve energy and maintain a steady, yet comfortable pool temperature. This type of pump provides a higher efficiency while working less.

That means the pool maintains the chemicals used, with a soft water swimming environment. The pool pump goes through wear and tear over time, which slows down the efficiency. By starting with the right pump during construction, it is easier to maintain costs while getting the most out of the investment. There are many different types of pool pumps. Getting the right one for your pool size is key.

At Swim we do more than just use an energy efficient pump. We use multi-speed pumps, over-sized filters, and custom engineer the piping system to optimize efficiency for individual swimming pool project. Our Swim-Safe® drainless pool circulation system creates a balanced flow dynamic for higher water flow rates and lower velocities. Reduced back pressure equals water higher flow at lower speeds, which results in lower operating costs and longer equipment life.

The overall results from our energy efficient approach and balanced flow pool circulation system is lower energy costs coupled with improved circulation, sanitation, and heat distribution. In addition, our soft-water chlorine generation system greatly reduces chemical costs. With Swim’s pool system, you’ll never need to buy or stock chlorine ever again.


Benefits of Swim’s Swim-Safe® drainless pool system

  • Cleaner pool water
  • Lower pool maintenance
  • Soft water swimming environment
  • Lower operating pressures and temperatures
  • Extended equipment life

Our Swim-Safe® system has no equal. And that’s just our “standard” energy efficient system. You can upgrade to our “state of the art” variable speed pump for even more efficiency and longer equipment life.

At Swim, we are focused on you our customer. With our dedication to safety, efficiency, comfort and cleanliness, the choice is easy: Swim-Safe®.

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