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Swimming Pool Construction in Raleigh

An inground pool can add value to your home, but only if it’s built efficiently and safely. So when it comes to pool construction, you don’t want to cut corners. Investigate all your pool installation options before committing to a contractor.

Learn about the quality you’ll receive when you select Swim for your Raleigh pool construction needs.

Rely on Safe and Efficient Pool Construction

Swim offers many design options. From classic curved pools to freeform pools to infinity pools to custom pools. We can do it all.

Don’t worry if you haven’t decided which pool size or shape is right for you. Our pool construction team provides hands-on guidance so you can make an informed choice. We’ll work with you to find the perfect pool shape, placement, and finishes for your home.

Swim relies on its experienced pool installation staff to ensure quality. A new builder may not notice that a certain pool construction site won’t get enough sun to keep the pool warm. Retrofitting these types of design flaws after completion can be costly and frustrating.

With decades of of experience, our pool contractors get it right the first time and make the pool installation process look simple.


Benefit From the Swim-Safe® System

Most pools filter water through bottom drains. As debris settles in the pool, the drain uses suction to remove it and recirculate the water. Unfortunately, this suction creates a drowning risk. Young children and pets who can’t swim or pull away from the drain can get stuck.

More than 20 years ago, Swim’s founder helped create the Swim-Safe® safety system. This patented pool filtration system gets rid of the bottom drain. Instead, it uses multiple surface skimmers to clean the water. As filtered water flows to the surface, it distributes heat throughout the pool. And because dirt never gets a chance to settle to the bottom, your pool always looks clear, even without chlorine.

Not only does Swim-Safe® provide a safer swimming experience, but it also reduces the routine maintenance you’ll need to do. In addition, it extends the life of your filtration equipment.

Ensure Lower Operating Costs

It’s important to think of the “carrying costs” of pool installation along with pool construction costs. If you don’t have the time or money for maintenance, your dream pool may wind up as a pricey hole in your backyard.

Swim knows it’s important to have a low maintenance pool. By using an energy efficient pump with the Swim-Safe® safety system, our pool costs 71 percent less to own. It also uses fewer chemicals in the process. A high-efficiency pump uses less energy to circulate the water and surface skimmers reduce the chemicals you’ll need to keep your pool clean. Meanwhile, our custom piping systems extend your pump’s life.

Because of this, our pools boast better circulation and heat distribution than the competition.

Take Advantage of the Self Leveling Water System

At Swim, all our pool installation includes a self leveling water system. This monitors the water level and automatically adjusts water levels as needed. This system boosts efficiency by preventing the pool water level from dropping too far, forcing your pump to work harder. During storms or flooding, the self leveling water system drains just enough surface water to prevent your pool from overflowing.

When you hire Swim, you hire a pool construction company that does more than just build cookie cutter swimming pools. No matter what you can imagine, we have the experience and vision to create it. From waterfalls and water slides to pool decks and fire pits, rely on us to build your custom backyard oasis. In addition to swimming pools, we offer inclusive design packages (including hot tubs and home spas) to provide an even more relaxing experience.

Learn more about our pool construction processes or to request a no obligation quote. We provide construction, installation services, as will as easy financing throughout Raleigh and the surrounding cities.

Dive into the future of swimming pool construction
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Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our use of innovative, safe, and eco-friendly construction technologies. From groundbreaking design to meticulous execution, we create pools that not only meet but exceed expectations. Experience the ultimate blend of craftsmanship and sustainability. Let us turn your vision into a reality with our cost-effective and cutting-edge construction methods. Your dream pool is just a consultation away – build with confidence, build with Swim!