Pool Construction Safety

Swim Safe System®
“The Most Advanced Circulation System in the Swimming Pool Industry”

Experience the pinnacle of Pool Construction Safety with Swim-Safe® technology revolutionizing safety standards in pool construction technology. We engineer our Swim-Safe® system individually for each pool design, to accommodate the specific building requirements of each pool. Numerous ancillary benefits of our Swim-Safe® circulation system became evident when we began building it back in 2002.

Swim-Safe® Drainless Pools™

The “Drainless Pool” is a swimming pool circulation system without any bottom drains. Swim-Safe® is a direct result of the work by Swim founder, Dan Johnson, on the ANSI/APSP-7 Standard for Suction Entrapment Avoidance in Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Catch Basins. This is a national safety standard, adopted into building codes across the country.

By removing the drain from the circulation system design, the potential hazard for suction entrapment is completely eliminated. Here is a brief summary of how this is accomplished.

1. Swim-Safe® eliminates the bottom drain and adds more surface skimmers to replace the water flow to the filter. The suction entrapment hazard is then eliminated.

2. Swim-Safe® delivers used surface water to the filter, so dirt and debris is skimmed before it can settle into the water. Therefore Swim-Safe® pool water is cleaner than that of traditional circulation systems.

3. Swim-Safe® skims off debris faster and more efficiently than traditional pool circulation systems. Therefore less debris actually settles into the water, which reduces the amount of chemiclas required to sanitize the water. Chemical costs are reduced and the amount of chemicals in the water are reduced. Less chemicals (chlorine) in the water results in more comfortable and enjoyable pool water.

4. Swim-Safe® uses more circulation fittings than traditional pool circulation systems. Water is returned to the pool from the filter after it’s been cleaned and sanitized, resulting in better heat distribution and lower heating costs.

5. Swim-Safe® uses “sweep” return fittings rather than “eyeball” fittings, which are positioned lower in the wall to move more water and send suspended debris to the surface to be skimmed and removed from the water.

Various industries evolve in different ways. Automobiles evolved from gas guzzling V-8 engines to 4 cylinder electric hybrid engines. The swimming pool industry will evolve by embracing the “Drainless Pool” system. Drainless systems are the future of swimming pool circulation, and Swim is honored to have lead this evolution. The Swim-Safe® system has been proven to out-perform traditional pool circulation systems. It’s a great idea that benefits the pool owner, especially pool owners with children.

Get the most out of your pool with Swim-Safe® System

Elevate your peace of mind and ensure the utmost safety for your loved ones. Schedule a consultation today with Swim to make your pool a haven of both enjoyment and security!

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