How to Make Your Backyard More Relaxing

As you are creating your backyard, one this is certain: you want it to be as relaxing as possible. You and your family have a unique style, and you don’t want your backyard to have a cookie-cutter appearance that is the same as everyone you know. The best way to create a relaxing space that fits your unique style is with a custom backyard. You have ideas for your swimming pool, but you must remember the surrounding area. 


You already know you want to have a custom pool, but don’t forget the importance of surrounding greenery. Potted plants offer colors that can add a pop to your backyard. Certain plants, such as lavender or rosemary can add scents to your yard to help reduce stress. Hanging plants add a whimsical ambiance. As you plan your custom pool, consider adding surrounding trees and bushes that help create an extra private oasis. 

Pool Features

Adding a waterfall or a fountain to your pool can make your backyard more relaxing. The sound of running water can relax you, while drowning out any other noise. A hot tub or spa can add another place to relax. Few things compare to the comfort of a warm hot tub. These pool features serve a purpose and add to the oasis.


Lights in your pool can add a relaxing ambiance when the sun sets. There are many different lights you can add, such as pool lights, landscape lights, or hanging lights. Colored lights can offer a relaxed atmosphere, and may not be as intrusive as a bright clear light may be. As an added bonus, lights in your pool allow you to swim in the quiet of night. There are few things more relaxing than swimming in a lit up pool under the moon. 

Fire Pits

When the sunsets and you are ready to stop swimming, relaxing by a fire can be the perfect end to the perfect day. A fire pit offers a relaxing activity in your backyard that can be used year-round. On a chilly winter evening, you can snuggle under a blanket by the fire and enjoy the sunset with your friends and family. During the warm summer nights, you can swim all day and roast marshmallows for smores all night. At Swim, our fire pits are customizable, adding the cherry on top to your custom backyard paradise. Not only are fire and water beautiful together, the mixed elements add a relaxing atmosphere that can be enjoyed year round. 

Build Your Custom Backyard

Are you ready to build your relaxing outdoor oasis? A custom backyard can offer a relaxing haven, and having the features above allows you to enjoy relaxing in your backyard year-round. When you decide to take the plunge and build your custom backyard, choose the pool contractor Raleigh residents trust. Swim is a state-certified pool builder committed to putting clients needs first. If you are ready to create your perfect backyard, contact the pool contractor Raleigh residents choose first. 

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