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Pool Builders in Raleigh

Pools are an excellent way to increase the value and comfort of your home — but you need to find the right pool builder s in Raleigh if you want to protect your investment. Pool contractors work with you to design, construct, and repair your pool. A reliable and reputable contractor will save you money in the long run, while ensuring that your pool is built on time.

New In-Ground Construction by Pool Builders

Building a pool is a fairly extensive project, but the right pool builders can get it done fast. Though every home and pool is different, building a new in-ground pool generally follows these steps:

  • Design phase. Modern pool contractors can create some truly impressive designs for in-ground pools, including free-flowing perimeters and attached water features. Even a standard in-ground pool has numerous design options, from tile patterns to the surrounding deck. In the design phase, the pool builders will go over a homeowner’s options to develop a pool that is both functional and beautiful. From there, a quote will be developed and an estimate will be made regarding both budget and time.
  • Permitting and construction. Construction plans must be reviewed and approved for the appropriate permits before construction can begin. This ensures that your new pool is going to be in compliance with county regulations. Reputable pool builders will work closely with you and the county to ensure that your pool is properly permitted; otherwise you could find yourself with issues should you ever decide to sell or rent out your home.
  • Initial excavation. Before the pool is constructed, the ground will be excavated and reinforcement will be placed to form the foundation of the pool. This is likely to be the most “disruptive” time, but pool builders will work with you to make sure that the construction occurs quickly and during the most convenient times. This is when much of the plumbing will be installed — and it’s likely to take the most time.
  • Concrete pouring and deck construction. Once the ground has been excavated and plumbing has been placed in, the pool builders will pour the concrete and begin constructing the deck. Special measures will be taken by the pool contractors to make sure the concrete sets smoothly and that there aren’t any cracks.
  • Tile, stone, and topping. If tile is to be laid, it will be laid now, in addition to any brick or stone. Staining and other appearance improvements will also be completed and, for the most part, the pool builders will have completed the pool itself.
  • Electrical work. Filters, pumps, and other electrical appliances are now going to be hooked up and tested with the pool, to make sure that everything is in working order and that the pool can be appropriately maintained.

That’s it — now the pool can be filled by the pool builders. There may also be some add-ons that a homeowner wants, such as safety features for children, but other than that this is how most pool-related projects will run.

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Pool Builders for Renovation and Reconstruction

If you already have a pool, you may be looking for pool builders for the purposes of repair and renovation. Over time, pools can become damaged; they may crack and begin leaking water, or some of their tiles may need to be replaced. Pool contractors can drain your pool and complete these repairs, making your pool attractive and efficient again. Some common repairs include:

  • Filter and pump replacements. The general structure of your pool is likely to last a very long time, but sometimes you may need to repair or replace your pump. This is an excellent opportunity to upgrade to new technology, which can provide a better pool experience overall.
  • Concrete repairs. Over time, concrete decks and pool concrete can crack, especially if the area around it has shifted. Concrete repairs are a simple task and can be completed quickly, to make your pool look (and function) like new.
  • Tile repair and replacement. Tiles may become discolored over time; if you have an older pool, you may need to have your tiles replaced altogether. This gives you the opportunity to radically change the appearance of your pool.

If you have an older pool, renovating it can be a great way to improve the value of your property and the appearance of your yard. Older pools often deal with both cosmetic issues and functional issues, such as slow pumps and ineffective filters. Pool contractors can help.

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Tips When Looking Pool Builders in Raleigh

  • Make sure they’re licensed and bonded. Pool builders must be bonded and insured; if anything goes wrong with your project, their insurance and bond will be able to pay out for any damages that you incur.
  • Don’t always go with the lowest quote. Instead, get multiple quotes from different pool contractors and inquire regarding any differences. The lowest quote may not always include everything that a higher quote does — and higher quotes may include options you don’t need.
  • Look for positive reviews. Positive review and word-of-mouth advertising are one of the best ways to determine whether a pool builder is truly trustworthy and reliable. Likewise, you may want to look at the Better Business Bureau for any open complaints.

Once you’ve located the right pool builders, you’ll be on your way to a sparkling, refreshing new pool in Raleigh. From there you’ll just need to decide exactly what you’re looking for in your new pool, in terms of appearance and technology.

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