Green Pool Technology

The water may look blue, but Swim is dedicated to “going green.” Our proprietary green pool technology uses a combination of systems to help our customers save energy and lower their ongoing operating costs. Here’s a look at how we do it.

Optimized Circulation Systems

The backbone of Swim’s green pool technology is our unique Swim-Safe® drainless pool circulation system. In addition to improving safety, it also creates a balanced flow, reducing back-pressure on your equipment. This results in significantly lower operating costs and extends your equipment’s life expectancy.

We also use over-sized filters, multi-speed pumps, and a custom-engineered piping system to ensure every pool we build is optimized for the highest possible energy efficiency. Our goal is to keep your carbon footprint as small as possible while also saving you money on your power bills.

Soft Water Chlorine Generation System

Our green pool technology also includes a soft water chlorine generation system. It features an electrolytic device that uses common salt to generate chlorine in the piping system, sanitizing the water before it returns to the pool.

Not only does this help you spend less on chemicals, but it also enhances the swimming experience. The system softens the pool water, leaving it feeling smooth, instead of the “sticky” water you sometimes encounter in a traditional swimming pool.

Experience Green Pool Technology for Yourself!

Dan Johnson, the original owner of Swim, developed this unique green pool technology to ensure his customers would enjoy the most efficient pool experience possible. In fact, our energy-efficient pools cost 71% less to operate than traditional pools.

To experience the Swim difference for yourself, contact us. Our expert design and installation teams will help turn your pool vision into a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pool efficiency really that important?

Yes! Every pool requires ongoing maintenance. If a pool isn’t built for efficiency, the expenses can quickly get out of hand. Not only does Swim’s green pool technology reduce your impact on the planet, but it also lowers maintenance costs by up to 71% when compared to a traditional pool.

How hard is it to maintain a swimming pool?

It’s not very hard to maintain a pool, but you’ll need to do it consistently. While most pools require a significant amount of chemicals to keep up with maintenance, Swim’s pools do not. Other features, like our self-leveling water and proprietary filtration system make pool maintenance both easier and less expensive.

Can any pool builder install an energy-efficient pool?

While other pool builders may have some energy-efficient features, only Swim can install pools with our unique green pool technology. Don’t make the mistake of settling for a sub-par product. Trust the company that’s built its reputation as a pioneer or pool efficiency innovation.

Do you offer pool financing?

Yes! We’ve partnered with two excellent lenders who provide an array of pool loan options. They also work with unique circumstances, like non-resident co-borrowers, stated income, and rental properties. In many cases, you’ll receive a decision within 24-hours or less.

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