6 Important Things to Look for In a Pool Builder

Have you decided to upgrade your backyard with a gorgeous custom pool? You’ve made a great decision! Your new pool will bring you years of enjoyment – but first you have to find a pool company you can trust. Learning what to look for in a pool builder will help you narrow down your choices and make a great decision. Start with this simple checklist.


It’s true that everyone has to start somewhere, but you don’t want to take a chance with an inexperienced pool builder. Building a custom pool requires expertise and skill. This is something that’s built over time. Several years of experience is one of the most important things to look for in a pool builder.

An experienced pool builder will provide you with a creative design and quality construction. More importantly, they’ll know how to handle the pressure if an unexpected situation happens to come up.


Everything from the way they answer the phone to the level of detail in the quote you receive is a reflection of a pool company’s professionalism. Is the company being honest and upfront with you? Does the quote include a detailed cost and time estimate?

Your initial impression is often a good indication of how the rest of the project is going to go. If you have an interaction that gives you a bad feeling, trust your gut.


Qualifications are another important thing to look for in a pool builder. At a bare minimum, the company must have all the proper insurance and licensing. State certifications, credentials, rewards, and accolades are what sets the best pool companies apart from the crowd.


There are many ways to evaluate a company’s reputation. One of the easiest is just to ask around. A recommendation from someone you trust will go a long way. You’ll also want to check out review sites, like Google and Yelp, and see what people are saying about the company on social media. Keep an eye out for comments that refer to the quality of the company’s work and their work ethic. Also pay attention to how they respond to complaints.  

Similar Vision

Many homeowners don’t realize that having a similar vision is also an important thing to look for in a pool builder. This is especially true when you’re creating a custom pool design. Some companies may give you a few basic options to choose from. However, a great pool builder will not only make your vision come to life but will make recommendations you hadn’t even thought of!


Rounding out our list of things to look for in a pool builder is the warranty. A good pool company will always stand behind their work. Before you commit, ask what’s covered by the company’s warranty and how long it’s good for. Remember that most pool problems don’t show up for at least a year. The right pool company for you will offer a construction and installation warranty that lasts well beyond that.

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Knowing what to look for in a pool builder will help ensure that your pool project is completed without a hitch. If you want to work with an experienced, honest, and professional pool company, look no further than Swim.

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