Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Swimming pools evoke positive feelings and memories with loved ones during the warm months. A pool adds a relaxing retreat in your backyard that allows you to float and forget about the monotony of the real world for a while. Certain designs allow your unique style and personality to shine through your pool. As you plan your new swimming pool, keep these things in mind. These ideas will help bring your pool to the next level and create an area you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come.


Remember the importance of seating both in and around your pool. Having the option to sit on a step in the pool and still enjoy the water is a major benefit. Seating around the pool allows people to hang out and still be a part of the fun, even if they do not want to be in the water anymore. Having numerous seating options available will allow your swimming pool to be the focal point for backyard entertaining.


Light fixtures allow your pool to shine the way it deserves! As you plan your swimming pool, consider illuminating the area around your pool and underwater pool lights. Proper lighting brings an appealing and dramatic ambiance to your pool. Underwater pool lights allow you to swim day or night, and can even be customized to show your unique style. Even if you are not swimming at night, underwater lights enhance the appearance of your pool after the sun goes down. From bright colors to the location of these lights, your style can shine through with lighting fixtures.


Custom fixtures are one of the biggest ways to add even more personality to your pool. Some favorite features offered at Swim include jets, water falls, and water slides. You can explore all our features here. Features allow you to customize your pool and increase the value and elegance of your area. Plus, certain features, like a water slide, can offer an additional benefit for your family.


The biggest benefit of a custom pool contractor is the design. At Swim, we customize the design of your dream pool to your unique space. This brings your dream pool to life while perfectly fitting your backyard. Every family wants something different out of their swimming pool, but one thing remains: everyone wants to enjoy their pool. At Swim, we can create a backyard retreat tailored for you. As a custom pool builder, we can also help make the most of your backyard and find a design that will accentuate your landscaping and space.

Are you ready to start building your dream pool? As you begin taking the first steps towards your new pool, choose the team that creates the swimming pools Raleigh loves. Contact us today to begin designing the perfect swimming pool for your unique needs. From an elegant ambiance to a family-friendly pool to play in, we can help you bring your backyard to the next level. We look forward to creating your backyard paradise.

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